Practical, Relevant and Targeted Python Training and Consultation

You want to learn Python but where to start. Either it’s hard to find the time or the tutorials you find never seem to quite fit what you are trying to do. Contact me, let’s talk about your use cases and I’ll work to design and deliver an effective Python training program for you and your team, a slice of py shall we say.

You might like a few of my standard pys (like good old apple pie) which provide a solid foundation in Python or you might like a more exotic py, like a web-focused look at Python (spider py?), or a data science specific flavor (key lime py), or something else? It’s your call on the flavor, each flavor can come in any number of slices, quarter (1 day), half (3 days) or full py (5 days) depending on how long you have

Python is an experiment in how much freedom programmers need. Too much freedom and nobody can read another’s code; too little freedom and expressiveness is endangered

Guido van Rossum


  • Python – Basics of the Language
  • Python – Object Oriented Programming
  • Python Standard Library – all the best bit
  • The Python Scientific Stack – numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib
  • Python for devops – AWS, GCE
  • Python Web Programming – django, flask, pyramid
  • Python Scripting

Your first consultation is on me


I obtained a degree in Chemistry and taught that for several years before finding my true love, solving problems in code. I’ve worked at large companies and small startups doing all different kinds of programming and picking up lots of “languages” along the way, C, C++, Java/Spring, Angular, but my hands-down favorite is Python.


During my professional career, I’ve worked on scientific, medical, and financial applications often in highly regulated industries. I have a passion for learning and teaching people how to program in order to solve the problems that interest them. Python can take you far in many fields and I want to help you on that journey.