I studied chemistry and math in college and went on to pursue a PhD in chemistry with the aim of teaching at a small college. After doing this for a few years I heard the siren call of programming and never looked back, I started using Python for various scripting tasks and became fully immersed in its power for numerical computation after discovering the scientific Python stacks. For expressiveness, this was a dream come true. I continue to find ways to use Python to automate tasks or quickly clean data, analyze files, or build infrastructure.

I’ve been fortunate to have lived in many parts of the US and a few different countries too and this has only increased my love of different types of food. I love Panag curry, gulab jaman, messir wat ba injera, salad Nicoise, groundnut stew and a massive American breakfast (bacon, egg and hashbrows). Sweet tooth – guilty there too.

I played baseball when I was younger but enjoy watching soccer more especially EPL (English Premier League) although I can’t say I have loyalty to any particular team there, just like to follow the story lines (#MenInBlazers) and watch the highlights. The one soccer team I do root for without reservation is the USWNT, Lavelle, Lloyd, Heath, Morgan, Saurbrun, O’Hara, Rapinoe, Mewis, Horan — amazing athletes all.

Computers solve problems, but they only do that when using instructions (programs) given to them by humans. The easier it is for humans to write those programs the faster those humans can solve the problems they are interested in and I believe Python lowers the barrier between the way a human thinks about and how a computer acts to solve a problem.